Business Services

The UK is a big supporter of small business.

Entrepreneurs set up in the UK to enjoy her stable economy, predictable legal systems and prestige. 3Gates works with First Continental UK Ltd to register new companies for clients in Nigeria. We also assist with registration of Charities at the Charity Commission of England & Wales.

Our London based team have all the experience needed for successful applications to the Charity Commission. If you are interested in the Republic of Ireland, please contact us by email, telephone or a visit. We have good partners in Dublin and in Waterford who will provide a first-class business set up service to you. Ireland has the best business visa and residency opportunities in Europe today. has more information about how to get business visas for you and your staff or residence visas for you and your family when you set up a company in the UK or in Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland's capital city, has earned a good reputation for business.

Why do you think Facebook, and Apple and Ebay moved their headquarters to Ireland? Ireland is business friendly. When London leaves the EU, Dublin will be the only English speaking city in the EU! So if you need access to EU markets, with free movement of goods and persons, Dublin is ready for you. For more information about visiting Ireland visit our partners at
For business, legal & visa support services please visit: First Continental (International Relocation Advisers)
Velvet Visa (Visa Application & Visa Appeal Services)

Registration of Companies in Tax Friendly Jurisdictions

Through our contact with lawyers in other countries, our firm confidently offers first class Company Formation Services in the following jurisdictions:

* The British Channel Islands including
(Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Guernsey & Bailiwick of Jersey)

* The British Virgin Islands * Cayman Islands * Bermuda * St. Lucia * Mauritius

* Switzerland  * Singapore  * Hong Kong  * Seychelles

Company address services and opening of business bank accounts are parts of our bolt-on services.

UK & Other Foreign Business Bank Accounts

We collaborate with our Velvet Relocations and First Continental Solicitors in the UK to help you open your UK or US Company Bank Account, It's also possible for our legal consultants in London, to professionally receive and hold funds for you when providing a relevant legal service.
We may refer you for advice on compliance with international finance and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.
Taxation is another important aspect of operating a company in the UK or the USA and it is a serious matter.
If you want a specialist tax lawyer or tax accountant we can signpost you to tested and trusted professionals.
For more information about legal and tax and visas matters please click on the links below.
For information about how you can get a business visa for visits or residence to mind your business in the UK, US or Ireland, please visit : Velvet Visa (Visa Application & Visa Appeal Services)
Velvet Relocations (International Relocation Advisers)

Find International Business Partnership

Ask us about how we can help you or your company find Business Partners and Customers outside Nigeria.

You can instruct our London based solicitors at First Continental Solicitors to attend meetings with you, negotiate contracts for you and represent you when you are in Nigeria.