UK Relocation Services

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If you are planning your move to London or some other great city - you'll do better with reliable support services. An expert from our team will provide a first class service to you on your visa application by instructing a UK Solicitor or Irish Solicitor that has many years of expertise.
We also have a good track record of instructing expert immigration solicitors to assist persons who wish to appeal against refusal of personal, business or student visas to enter the UK / Ireland.
If you plan to live in any of these countries: our guidance on the best parts of your destination country for your accommodation, business or employment needs - will be very useful to you. We also help clients who wish to set up a business or get a good job.
Even if you have some friends / family in your destination country, our professional service will add value and increase your prospects of success. Let's work together towards your arrival, and your settlement to pursue your dreams in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.


UK Relocation Services

Moving to London is always exciting and the best way to feel at ease is to get arrival support and settling in services from a team of professional relocation managers at Velvet UK Relocations Ltd.

If affordable it is always better to set some time aside and “pre-visit” the UK and your city of choice for settlement before an anticipated international move. Where time or costs do not permit a survey visit we can conduct orientation of your area or city with you after you have arrived. This often helps to make you feel at ease, get settled and begin work without unnecessary delays.

School Finding:
If you have school age children it is important to understand the UK's educational system so that you can make the best choice of types of schools and the years of entry. With grammar schools, academies and other forms of school the system is designed to make sure that children are educated in unique environments that enables maximum potentials to unlock. We offer strategic advice on entry to the UK school system including a short list of the best schools in the desired relocating area. We also assist with application processes and can help with referral to education lawyers where a legal right to admission to school has been not been complied with by any school.
Home Finding:
Even for the short term hotel accommodation is not necessarily the only option or the best option. After a week or so the cost, the lack of home feeling and the constant room service invasion of privacy can make other options like short let flats far more appealing. We can help with short let rentals and longer term rentals.
We can also help with home purchases by working with experienced property agents and property solicitors. Our experience lawyers can complete house purchase transactions within a few weeks after you select a suitable property from many options our property agents will present.
House Finding
Settling In:
That interesting combination of stress and excitement of relocation to the UK is best managed with professional support. Little assistance with acquisition of necessary goods like kitchen ware, beds and mattresses can go a long way to helping you feel at home sooner than you expect. Early achievement of registration with a medical general practitioner (GP) and registration for national insurance number (NI) is the best way to start life in the UK. ​You will also need to get a mobile telephone line, a home telephone line, broadband services, other utilities and open a UK bank account. If you intend to drive, your international drivers licence from Nigeria will expire after six months and you must obtain a UK driver's licence, vehicle insurance and road tax to continue driving. Our team can advise and assist you, saving you time and helping you settle in comfortably.
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