UK School Services

Choosing the best Colleges and Universities

To help you make the right choice, we advice on the latest university and college ranking as our specialist student team:

Advice on schools that are best for your particular degree and proposed profession.
Advice on schools that Nigerian employers respect and appreciate.
Advice on schools that have a strong alumni network in Nigeria and all over the world for post-graduation connections.
Advice on schools that have a good quality Nigerian community for pre-graduation networking.
Advice on schools that are closer to London for access to Nigerian communities, London attractions, and Nigerian food markets and restaurant.
Advice on selecting schools that are far from London with Nigerian communities for bold who want to do it like Star Trek and push the frontiers of Nigerian mankind... and why not?
Advice on other great colleges and universities in many great and interesting cities in England such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, New Castle, Warwick, Northampton, Nottingham e.t.c
Advice on other great colleges and universities in other wonderful and fantastic cities in Scotland such as St. Andrews, Aberdeen, Dundee e.t.c
Advice on other great colleges and universities in other amazing and remarkable cities in Wales such as Cardiff, Aliyu to add more :).


UK Student Services

Possibly the most excited and interesting people we advice and assist are students arriving to attend colleges and universities or planning to become international students in the UK.
No matter how old, students are patently curious, full of questions, ready to for new things and in a hurry to get fully settled so they can concentrate on lectures, seminars, group studies and library time, part-time work and making new friends, partying, clubbing, dating, plus weekend holidays to Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Athens!

Our job is to make your arrival and settling in nice and easy - smooth. Every student we assist creates fantastic memories from day one. A good story to tell the next generation about 'my early days in London'! The bonus is that not all your pictures will be selfies... we'll use our cameras phones and yours to help you capture moments that are truly Instagram worthy. We know about student budgets, yes. That's why we have cost-conscious-budget-sensitive-packages for all students. Remember, you can't rewind time, so let's help you make it memorable and enjoyable!

Advice on schools that offer scholarships for first degree tuition fees and assistance with applications for scholarship.
Advice on schools that offer scholarships for masters and doctorates after graduation.
Advice on schools that offer scholarships for holders of First Class first degrees holders.
Advice on schools and independent organisation that offer scholarships for study of unique, rare and specialist subjects.
Advice on applying to charities and foundations that offer scholarships for Africans, West Africans and Common Wealth Citizens.

Applications & Admissions - Advice & Assistance

To see you enjoying world class education in the UK and heading forwards to your bigger dreams in life our specialist student team will:

Advice and or assist you to open your UCAS online account for admission to UK Universities.

Advice and or assist you with accessing the correct and up-to-date admission application forms.

Advice and or assist you with regular contact of the admissions office to monitor progress of your applications.

Advice and or assist you with collection and delivery of any additional information that the college or university may request from you.

Attend the any college or university in the UK in person to check on your application and make enquiries if there is delay or lack of satisfactory email or letter correspondence.

Assist you with multiple admission applications.

Advice on the best school to select when you have received multiple offers of admission.

Welcome Services:
Airport meet & greet - friendly welcome and support from someone who probably knows anything you want to ask about during an optional sit down at really cool airport restaurant - relax, your good times have started.
Taxi service and luggage assistance to your destination - no standing around wondering how to move or paying more expensive Airport Taxi Costs - we've got it covered.
London underground or other public transport journeys to your destination - leaving UK airports by Train or Bus is always a totally fascinating and stimulating first experience.

Let's get the action going already.

Accommodation Services:
Processing, Searching, Buying, Securing and Furnishing of short term and long term accommodation anywhere in the United Kingdom. Our service will enables you to arrive straight into your own space and be the first in your class on Monday morning:
Processing and securing of College or University Hostel Allocations for our clients.
Hotel bookings for short courses and for Parents escorting and seeing off students to the UK.
Bed & Breakfast accommodations for short term stay or for stay through out a term, a year or entire study duration.
One bedroom flats in any part of the UK for student accommodation.
Two, Three and Four Bedroom flats for a group of students to share.
Three, Four and Five Bedroom houses with garden space and parking space for students to share.
Provision of references and guarantees to Landlord and Letting Agents to facilitate student rentals.
Providing advice and or assistance with getting your home utilities sorted out including water, electricity and gas.
Providing initial home ware buying support to save costs and obtain necessities including blankets, bed sheets, curtains, cups-plates-pots e.t.c

room reservation
Orientation and Settling in Services:
Advice and friendly support from former international students who have enjoyed college and university in the UK.
City and area discovery tours by getting around with a former international student, by train, by bus or by canoe!
Advice and or assistance National Railway Student Cards for up to 30% cheaper transports costs.
Advice and or assistance with obtaining International Drivers Licence via our partners in Nigeria.
Advice and or assistance with applying for and passing your Theory Test for United Kingdom Drivers Licence.
Advice and or assistance with applying for and success in your Practical Test for United Kingdom Drivers Licence.
Advice and or assistance with activating your right to work by application and processing of your National Insurance Number. (Please note it is illegal to work without an N.I number or a letter from N.I office).
24 hours support line for advice and assistance throughout your stay in the UK.

Orientation and Settling in Services
Big City Visits:
Birmingham City Visits (Advice or Coordination) .
Manchester City Visits.
Oxford City Visits.
Cambridge City Visits.
Liverpool City Visits.
New Castle City Visits.

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